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Cooking solutions with Triply Cookware

Cooking solutions with Triply Cookware

Cooking solutions with Tri-ply cookware

Nowadays it’s all about convenience! Isn’t it? We all are looking for versatile cookware that helps us all cope with cooking and its new demands. Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, your cookware selection is very dear to you. Since you want the best companion for your kitchen, let’s introduce you to Triply Stainless-Steel Cookware! Your knight in shining amour with triple safety features! After rigorous research and testing, experts arrive at the conclusion that Triply Cookware sets are proven the best for cooking because of their solid construction.

First things first! What is Triply Stainless Steel?

Triply means = Three Ply Material
It’s cookware that is made up of different layers of metal and bonded together. Triply cookware uses high quality stainless steel and an encapsulated layer of aluminium throughout the cookware including the bottom and the body. Each material used in these layers has its own characteristics that help make triply cookware a trusted series. The inner layer consists of grade stainless steel, which is rust-free and keeps the food hygienic. The middle layer is made of aluminium to ensure even heat distribution. Lastly, the third layer is induction compatible stainless steel.

Premium Triply Cookware is made with core aluminum, Stainless steel interior& Exterior

Up next: Why is triply stainless steel more efficient than just stainless steel?

The answer is simple. While stainless steel is a tougher material, it is a poor conductor of heat. Aluminium being a superior conductor of heat protects the vessel from burning quickly. Triply cookware is the perfect combination of these two! Stainless steel’s durability and the power of aluminium.

If you are new to the kitchen, start with triply cookware so you aren’t afraid of trail and test recipes. We all have those unforgettable incidents of burn outs while cooking and to avoid that, using a pot which includes aluminium too, is your safety net.

Difference between Normal Stainless steel cookware with Bergner Triply Stainless steel cookware

Well, new cooks are not the only ones benefiting from triply stainless steel technology! Professionals are also preferring to stock up their kitchen with triply cookware due to its light weight and handiness. Gone are those days where bulky pure stainless steel cookware were the only options for your kitchen’s inventory.

Listing some more benefits of triply stainless-steel cookware for better understanding:

Extremely durable: Say no to chipping, cracking, bending and scratching. The materials used to make triply cookware is highly resistant to heat as well as wear and tear.

Faster cooking: The combination material used in layering triply cookware provides even distribution of heat right from the base to the rim. This balanced heating enables perfect cooking even on medium flame. Lesser the time, lesser the fuel consumption. Win-win for all!

Healthy lifestyle: You might wonder could a kadhai, frypan or pressure cooker help you achieve a healthy lifestyle? Yes, it is true! You can now put 20% less oil to cook the same amount of food as compared to any other cookware. No compromise in taste is the promise!

Faster cooking, healthy lifestyle & extremely durable Stainless steel cookware Online

Lastly, here are a few tips to keep your triply cookware set clean and ever-lasting:

For efficient cleaning use lukewarm water with a mild detergent and a soft sponge. Gently scrub the surface of the triply stainless steel cookware.

In times where you might have overheated your cookware and caused stubborn stains, use the classic home remedy of pouring undiluted vinegar over the surface and wiping it off with a soft cloth.

After cooking, wait for your kadai, frypan or pressure cooker to completely cool down before you pour water over it. Sudden change in temperature damages the cookware.

tips on how to clean your triply cookware set


A wise choice for your cooking companion is definitely the triply stainless steel cookware set!

After being convinced that triply cookware is the way to go, if you are still wondering where to purchase this wonder product, Bergner is the simplest answer. The versatility and durability of the Bergner cookware line is unmatched. It will transform your cooking into a culinary delight!

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