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How to Choose the Perfect Triply Pressure Cooker?

How to Choose the Perfect Triply Pressure Cooker?

Reason to buy Triply Pressure Cooker

How to Choose the Perfect Triply Pressure Cooker?

Let’s agree that we all want the perfect cookware for our priceless kitchen. Cooking is therapeutic and having the right cookware makes it only better! But finding the right set of pots and pans these days can be a time-consuming experience. We’re here to help you make quick and better decisions! Before we dive into the characteristic evaluation of purchasing a triply pressure cooker, here is a quick recap as to what makes triply stainless-steel cookers stand out from the rest.

  • Three layers of protective and strong materials are used, hence three-ply material = Triply
  • The combination of aluminium and stainless steel makes it a hero product
  • Durable and long-lasting unlike other plain stainless-steel cookware
  • Faster cooking and lesser fuel consumption due to even distribution of heat


Things to look at when purchasing a Triply Pressure Cooker:

Safety first:

You do not want to end up with soup on the ceiling, right? The lid type plays an important factor in safety in this case. The triple safety features added in a Bergner Triply Pressure Cooker is a safety lock system – it lets you open the cooker only when it is safe and steam has completely exited the cooker. An inner lid cooker is fastened from the inside and has a higher risk of spilling. While outer layer lids reduce the risk and ease the pressure on the gasket seal.

Triply Pressure Cooker Design:

Yes, even pressure cookers these days have different designs to choose from. The various shapes include Apple Shaped Triply Cooker, an award-winning shape for a contemporary kitchen with impeccable safety levels. Pressure Pan Triply Cooker is wider in area and shallow in depth for convenience of frying. Cute cooker is a shape designed to make stirring easy with its wide base. Handi-Shaped Triply Cooker is known best for large quantity rice preparations. Last is the classic old Straight Wall Triply Cooker for regular cooking. Choose a design that goes well with your kitchen and is best suited for your cooking needs.

Price point:

Let’s face it, this pressure cooker costs more than the regular stainless steel category cookers. But if spending a little bit extra gives us a longer product lifetime, it’s definitely a best buy. Investing in a premium quality Bergner Triply Pressure Cooker is worth every penny. It makes your dream of having a fully equipped kitchen with the latest technology come true.

Availability & Durability:

An ideal pressure cooker would be one in which the internal parts can be easily traced. All cookware is subject to wear and tear. Hence, finding the accessories that go along with it such as pressure regulator, gasket, safety valve and spring vents must be replaceable.

Cooking & Cleaning Tips of Triply Pressure Cooker 

Regular maintenance will ensure that your Triply Pressure Cooker, both, stays on top of its form and stands the test of time. Washing with a soft cleaning liquid and sponge, & drying it immediately prevents spots from appearing on the cookware and enhances longer durability of the cooker’s coating.

Clean all around the corners, rims and handle grips efficiently to reduce rust/corrosion formation.

Balance the flame so it does not reach extreme temperatures easily. Avoid over-heating or under-heating as it wastes food in the cooking process.

Sauté your onions, garlic and spices as a pre-cooking activity for high-level flavour as the pressure cooker does not brown your food. Add sufficient liquid as the pressure cooker cooks with steam.

Pressure Cooker with 3-layer mechanism

Metals have their own unique properties and the outcome of applying three layers together is pure genius! Here’s why.

The inner layer consists of food-safe stainless steel which is rust free and keeps the food hygienic. The middle layer is made of aluminium that causes heat to diffuse all over the cookware uniformly so you can comfortably cook on low or moderate flame too. And the third layer of stainless steel makes it induction compatible, making it perfect for all heating sources available in kitchens today. The base of a tri-ply cookware set is totally neutral in nature, so it does not impart any kind of flavour to the food. This is the most distinguishing feature, which allows the preservation of the flavour of food in its truest form.

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Why purchase Bergner Triply Pressure Cooker?

Cookware technology has become so advanced that it is often overwhelming to choose. Eliminate the confusion and go for Bergner Triply Cooker. It is favoured amongst professional chefs due to its great heat conductivity & durability. The ideal pressure cooker for low maintenance cooks looking for easy to clean cookware. Add Bergner’s Triply Cookware to your cart today!

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