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Ideas For Diwali Hampers For Your Family

Ideas For Diwali Hampers For Your Family

Bergner Diwali Cookware Hampers For Your Family

With Diwali season approaching, you are bound to shop for you and your loved ones. The season of gifting is around the corner, and gifting ideas can be overwhelming. First, you have to check their preferences, then list down their favourite hobbies and much more. Isn’t it? This is where our help will ease the celebration you have planned!

The most valued gifts are the ones that are thoughtfully chosen and keep up with the modern lifestyle we live in. Let’s take a look at the best cookware sets that will be a win-win-win for everybody this Diwali.

What to keep in mind while picking a Diwali hamper?

The gifts, smiles, warmth, and food – all these make up the ambience of Diwali. And gifting is a big part of it. The thoughtfulness behind the choice of the gift matters. When gifting, think about the choice – whether minimalistic or classy.

A few aspects of gifting a cookware set:

1. Size of the family
2. Taste in the colour palette
3. Lifestyle choices and versatility
4. Consciousness about health
5. Long-term usability cookware
6. Durability
7. Use of food-grade materials
8. Range of cookware

A few suggestions for cookware sets

Non-stick cookware category: Bergner Bellini Marble Non-stick Cookware Set

Why choose this cookware set?

It has a robust build. Even after everyday use, the 5-layered marble non-stick coating will stay put, and it requires minimal oil for cooking.


It is a 7-piece set and includes everything from a kadhai to a dosa tawa.

● Kadhai with a glass lid – 24 cm
● Frypan – 24 cm
● Dosa tawa – 28 cm
● 2 spatulas
● Tadka pan – 11cm

Stainless-steel cookware category: Bergner Argent X1 Gold Triply Stainless-Steel 3 Pcs Cookware Set


Why choose this cookware set?

It consists of 3 layers – the construction goes like food-grade stainless-steel, aluminium, and magnetic stainless-steel. So, the food cooks 3 times faster as aluminium spreads the heat evenly. And the stainless-steel is non-corrosive which protects the food from chemical reactions.


This Diwali gift is both resourceful and durable. It is a 3-piece set.

● Kadhai with a lid – 24 cm
● Frypan – 24 cm

Colourful options in the non-stick category: Bergner’s Jazz Non-stick Cookware Set


Why choose this cookware set?

It comes in 3 different colours. From blues to purples to yellow, this non-stick cookware set has room for everyone’s colour palette. In the cookware category, where non-stick coatings change the taste of the food, the Jazz cookware with multiple coatings is PFOA free. Besides this, the sleek handles make the cooking experience just beautiful.


This cookware set has a heavy gauge and proves reliable. The 4-piece set can be a hamper for Diwali.

● Frypan – 24 cm
● Kadhai with a tempered glass lid – 24 cm
● Dosa tawa – 28 cm

Final words

On the occasion of a get-together or celebration, food becomes the source of joy. From kids to adults, everybody awaits the aroma of mom’s special biryani or dadi’s secret spice mix, which always enthrals everybody’s taste buds. Bergner’s complete cookware set is the start of the celebration waiting to happen. Grab a Diwali hamper today!

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