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The Ultimate Guide for Buying Casserole for your Family

The Ultimate Guide for Buying Casserole for your Family

Casserole Cookware Set for family - Kadai, Briyani Pot, Triply Casserole

A casserole is a multi-tasking utensil. And during Diwali, it is better to have more than one hand for the D-day, isn’t it? Although our modern and sleek kitchen is filled with the latest cookware, cutlery, appliances, and kitchen tools in cabinets or drawers, why add another pot or pan to the list? Let’s us tell you about the versatility of a stainless-steel casserole.

1. Saves cooking time and energy

In any scenario, prepping for a meal can be tedious when you are in a hurry, right? You would understand that pre-cut vegetables, spices assorted in a box, ladles and spoons neatly stacked and a hot pot of food waiting for you on the kitchen platform is what you are anticipating.
A stainless-steel casserole with 360-degree heat distribution can speed up the pace of cooking by 3 times. How? A Triply casserole. It is the latest technology introduced to the world of cookware. Triply casserole has 3 layers of precision, including 18/10 stainless-steel and pressed aluminium. When the heat touches the bottom of the casserole, the layers evenly distribute the heat from rim-to-edge, preventing any possible hot spots while cooking.
The teamwork of aluminium and stainless-steel also saves 30%* energy.

2. Durable for years

While you are on the topic of “which casserole to buy?” What comes to your mind? The design, colour, or material? Talking about casseroles, many of them come with different kinds of materials. From a stainless-steel casserole with a fitted lid to a non-stick casserole. The material is the deciding factor while you are looking for an upgrade or to add something new to your pristine collection of cookware.
Go for a Triply casserole as it is a heavy-duty essential with non-rustic exteriors, which brings the best cooking experience you could ever imagine.

3. Comes with convenience above all

Another thing to consider before buying a casserole – how tedious or stunningly easy is the maintenance of the casserole after cooking meals in it? Ask yourself some questions from the following list.
● Is it safe?
● Is it dishwasher compliant?
● Does it have heat-resistant and ergonomic handles?
● Does the casserole have a tempered glass lid?
● Is it induction compatible?

If all the answers were a “yes,” then you can go ahead and choose to buy a Triply casserole or non-stick casserole.

Concluding words for buying a casserole

Every little addition to your blissful room, aka kitchen, is meaningful. When it comes to buying a stainless-steel casserole, irrespective of the kitchen size, always be thoughtful of 3 aspects – utility, material, and convenience. Buying cookware during Diwali is a great deal as it serves two meaty purposes, i.e., joy and ecstasy.
Meanwhile, we have some more gift ideas ready for you! (embed ‘gifting ideas’ with ‘Ideas for Diwali Hampers for Your Family’ blog)

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