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Top 5 Kitchen Utensils To Buy For Dhanteras

Top 5 Kitchen Utensils To Buy For Dhanteras

Kitchen Utensils To Buy For Dhanteras 2022

Dhanteras marks the first day of Diwali. But why do people purchase kitchen utensils in the first place? Well, according to the Hindu Calendar, Dhanteras is a lucky day. ‘Dhan’ translates to wealth or money made from precious metals. Hence, buying gold, silver, or essential kitchen utensils is a ritual for Hindu families. Buying kitchen utensils or gold is a sign of good luck and
prosperity for the coming year.

To help you find a sensible purchase, we have listed down the top 5 kitchen utensils to purchase this Dhanteras.

1. Bergner Argent X1 Gold Casserole Set

Why choose this kitchen utensil?

Love that dal fry, paneer tikka masala, and all kinds of curries? Argent X1 Gold
Stainless-steel is your go-to utensil. But, as it is a bad conductor of heat, we have Triply stainless-steel build. It has food-grade steel on the surface to avoid chemical reactions between food and the layer. Aluminium to even the heat for perfectly cooked meals.

We also understand that some delicious gravies need to be cooked slowly. For that, a set of stainless-steel casseroles comes with a fitted lid too. Durability with convenience.

Isn’t it perfect? And did we say it is induction compatible? Yes, these kitchen utensils are a haven for cooks!

2. Bergner Jazz Collection

Why choose this kitchen utensil?

Jazz kitchen utensils are pros at cooking food at a high flame. Yes, for instance, if you are deep frying batches of chakli for the occasion, then kadhai from the Jazz collection is the one. As chaklis must be fried 2-3 times before they reach that snackable texture and bite. Also, those ultra-soft handles give you an optimum grip, and the dotted gauge at the bottom of the pan evenly distributes the heat!

3. Bergner Optimum Non-stick Cookware Set

Why choose this kitchen utensil?

One of the high performers in the non-stick category of kitchen utensils – Optimum – makes sure the multi-coating lasts for years. The problems one faces after purchasing a non-stick cookware set can be left behind. In particular, the coating, which wears off. So, cooking with Optimum range, you experience the PFOA free multi-clad technology above anything else. What else could you ask for?

4. Bergner Bellini Marble Non-stick Cookware Set

Why choose this kitchen utensil?

A complete cookware set—from spatulas to a kadhai to a dosa tawa—you get it all! An amazing fact about Bellini Marble – it has 5-ply technology. The most reactive metal – copper – induces heat the minute it is placed on a hob. The heat travels 5 times faster and precisely.

5. Bergner Acier Casserole Set


Why choose this kitchen utensil?

Cooking is a form of expression. A dish on the table that steals glances and brings smiles to faces – cooking is all about that joy. On the day of Dhanteras, families look forward to sharing a meal to mark the start of the new year. Bergner Acier Casserole Set is a 4-piece set crafted to deliver the promise of comfort and joy. Every home should have one as it is easy-to-use, easy-to-clean and, of course, elegant in every way.

The kitchen utensils bought for Dhanteras have a special meaning hidden in our roots. So, upgrade to a long-lasting bond with Bergner’s kitchen utensils because all the cookware sets have 1 year warranty.

Looking for more reasons to kickstart the Diwali preparations? Have a quick read of the Diwali sweet recipes.

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