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Tri-ply Cookware v/s Stainless Steel Cookware – Which is better?

Tri-ply Cookware v/s Stainless Steel Cookware – Which is better?

Which is better Triply Cookware or Stainless Steel Cookware?

Tri-ply Cookware v/s Stainless Steel Cookware, which is better? – A frequently asked question!

In today’s day and age, every option has another 10 options. If you’re in the market for the best cookware, your search ends with Tri-ply. Learn why!

As the name suggests, Tri-Ply is a triple-layered extremely durable technology that has unrivalled heat distribution and helps cook food faster. The aluminium layer carries heat from the base up to the sides due to its seamless construction. Whereas, stainless steel is made with just one metal and the clean up after use can be tricky.

It’s a proven fact that cookware made with a single metal is less efficient in comparison to those made of multiple layers.

Difference between Triply Cookware and Stainless Steel Cookware


The thickness of a pan is directly linked to your cooking performance. The thumb rule is the thicker the better. They are less susceptible to dints and damage and also more conducive to even heat production. This is exactly what triply cookware offers in comparison to just a stainless steel cooking pot.

Conductor of heat:

Triply comprises one layer of aluminium between two layers of stainless steel. Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat, far better than stainless steel. Triply cookware only uses the benefits of aluminium and causes heat to diffuse all over the cookware uniformly whilst making sure that the food does not come in contact with it.

Cooking time:

Welcome your surprise guests with open arms! The balanced heating of the surface formula enables you to cook on low or moderate flame. And yet requires less time to cook the same amount of food you would cook in a stainless steel pot.

No more hot spots:

Triply cookware helps you avoid food burns. It stands the test of time when it comes to hot spots. Food does not stick to the base like other materials and is also super easy to clean! Making it the best kind of cookware if you are conscious about long-lasting kitchenware.


Stainless steel is a little cheaper compared to tri-ply stainless steel cookware. But it will also last for not-so-long! Triply cookware is a one-time investment that gives returns year after year!

Fuel-saving mode:

ON!: Triply’s rim to rim construction helps to cook food 2 times faster than ordinary stainless steel cookware. You can cook on medium flame and expect the same results as compared to other cookware that requires high flame. This material also allows you to prepare food with 25% less oil compared to your regular stainless steel cookware. Lesser oil and lesser gas consumption = a win-win for all!

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The final verdict!

If you’re in the market for some good quality cookware pieces, chances are that you already have Triply Cookware sets stacked in your kitchen. New-aged cookware is gaining popularity with new and improved features. And tri-ply cookware is the perfect choice. They help you whip up some lip-smacking dishes in lesser time and retain the food’s authentic taste. We are sure you’re convinced by now! So, what are you waiting for? Shop for Bergner’s collection of Triply Stainless steel cookware that concludes beauty along with taste!

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