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Why to choose a Bergner Triply Pressure Cooker over other brands?

Why to choose a Bergner Triply Pressure Cooker over other brands?

Best Triply Pressure Cooker in India

In a fast-paced life, where we chase deadlines all day, we’re really not up for chasing pots and pans in the kitchen too! Right? Preparing delicious meals in less time is the need of the hour and we all want to know how to achieve this relief. Your solution to this is investing in a high-performance pressure cooker. Well, Bergner has got you covered!


Bergner’s Triply Pressure cookers are designed in such a way that they perform to their best ability. The combination of aluminium and stainless steel put together in the form of three layers is purely smart-thinking! Aluminium acts as a better conductor of heat in comparison to stainless steel, which helps enable the balanced distribution of heat, allowing you to cook your favourite meals in no time. A pressure cooker being the most common kitchen tool, you’re bound to use it very often. Naturally, the rigorous use of an appliance causes wear and tear. Right? Well, NO! Not if you purchase the Bergner Triply Pressure Cooker. This is merely because regular cookers are not as sturdy and do not have the solid construction used to put together a Bergner’s Triply Pressure Cooker!


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Benefits of Triply Pressure cookers as compared to other appliances in the market.


Pressure cooker with Triple Security System:

We all have cooking adventures where rice explodes all over your kitchen ceiling. Bergner has come up with an easy solution to avoid such a mishap. In addition to the conventional safety features, Bergner’s pressure cookers have crafted a lid that comes with a safety lock system. This mechanism helps you open the lid only after the steam exists completely.


High Pressure & Time-Saving Pressure cooker:

Regular pressure cookers don’t have enough pressure-power compared to Bergner’s Triply Pressure Cooker. The higher the pressure the faster the meal is ready. This speeds up the hours spent in a kitchen to cook just a regular meal. Convenient, isn’t it? Especially when you’re cooking for a houseful of guests! Not just that, it consumes energy worth 25% less than regular pressure cookers.


Pressure cooker with Equal Heating:

Yes, times are changing! People are preferring modern electric-pressure cookers these days. But nothing compares to the heat generated in the chambers of a triply pressure cooker. Standard pressure cookers do not have the capacity to cook food at the speed of a Bergner Triply Pressure Cooker. That is for sure!


Long-Lasting pressure cooker:

Bergner Triply Pressure cooker enters your kitchen with a long life due to its resistance to wear and tear. They will last you for all your yearly events. You can host Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other special events without any kitchen hassles. Appliances with new technology may seem attractive but they are not as efficient as the conventional ones. Bergner’s Triply Pressure cooker has all the qualities one looks for in their cookware. It is safe, sturdy, healthy, and easy to maintain.




Triply Pressure Cookers are a spectacular series introduced at Bergner and it’s helping all the budding cooks out there to be fond of cooking. Once you get to know how easy it is to use and maintain you will never settle for any other triply pressure cooker. Bergner Triply Cookers are a promise of durability and efficiency plus their workability is unmatched. Are you still wondering which pressure cooker to buy? Well, wonder no more and click here to see which Bergner Triply Cookers matches your kitchen aesthetic. Cook away!

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